About Becker Microbial Products, Inc.

Becker Microbial Products, Inc., (BMP) began to invest in biotechnology in 1985. This investment was structured around the acquisition of proprietary BT technology through several venture capital agreements.

About Becker Microbial Products

As long as humans have tended crops and gardens, we’ve had to protect our plants from insects. For thousands of years, we’ve turned to chemicals–both natural and synthetic–to keep unwanted pests at bay. Many of these chemicals were effective, but they were also highly toxic, harming the health of people, animals, and even beneficial insects.

Several decades ago, scientists at Becker Microbial began to ask a new set of questions.

“What if…we could target harmful pests while protecting beneficial insects?”
“What if…pesticides could be safe and non-toxic for humans?”
“What if…our products could make the world a healthier place?”

Our products rely on an all-natural soil bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) that scientists discovered over 100 years ago. Different strains of the bacteria make a protein that targets different types of insects but doesn’t affect humans or other animals. Scientists have found that Bt can eliminate many of the insects that eat crops but is harmless to many pollinators.


Becker products are formulated for use in:

  • – Public Health
  • – Forestry
  • – Greenhouses
  • – Agriculture
  • – Caterpillar control


Find a non-toxic solution for:

  • – Mosquito larvae
  • – Fungus gnats (Bradysia)
  • – Black flies (Simuliidae)
  • – House (nuisance) flies (Psychoda and Chironomus spp.)
  • – Nuisance aquatic midges (Chironomine)
  • – Lepidopterous insects


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A History of Innovation

In Memory of the late Dr. Terry Couch

In 1985, Couch founded Becker Microbial Products to invest in Bacillus thuringiensis research and development. Under the guidance of Dr. Terry Couch, Becker’s work has perfected the fermentation and formulation of existing Bt strains and developed a unique strain of Bti. These biopesticides are being distributed globally.


Protection from novel threats

We’re continuing to develop innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for all our customers. Whether you’re dealing with an old threat that has returned or a novel species, Becker Microbial is here for all your pest control needs. Our researchers are continuing to improve current offerings, develop new products, and ensure all of our existing offerings continue to be safe and effective.